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Org Chart Descriptions: SG Communications WG

Organizational Unit

SG Communications WG 


The SG Communications Working Group operates under the OpenSG Technical Committee.  The charter for SG Communications can be summarized as follows:
1. Identify and articulate Smart Grid communications requirements and work with Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and vendor consortiums to realize those requirements.
2. Engage with the NIST Smart Grid Roadmap activities and address communications related OpenSG tasks in the various NIST Priority Action Plans (PAPs).
Both task groups of the SG Communications Working Group will work with the SG Systems, SG Security and the SG Conformity Working Group in support of their charters.  The SG Communications Working Groups may also cover application and security support topics such as:
• Efficient delivery of XML meta data between entities in the system
• Deployment of security policies within various layers of the OSI stack
• Other communications and support features as identified by the SG Systems and SG Security Working Groups.
SG Communications will be responsible for defining how components defined in AMI Network and Network Interop supply internetworking services to hybrid systems employing combinations of physical layers.   Targeted standards will cover the complete set of use cases envisioned in the OpenSG Market Requirements Document (MRD) and in the OpenHAN specification. Deployments targeted by OpenSG will contain subsystems and components that communicate using the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet Protocol (IP) family of standards. The Working Group will be responsible for defining how these IP sub-systems and components are incorporated into the system as a whole such that all relevant use-cases and market requirements are satisfied.
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