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Announcements: OpenADE Test Plan Development Supports Green Button


OpenADE Test Plan Development Supports Green Button 


Green Button is gaining implementations at a rapid pace. A testing and certification regime is necessary to sustain a valuable brand as well as rein-in dispersion of implementations:

·         Testing and Certification affords implementers confidence that they will likely interoperate with other independently developed implementations

·         Minimum agreed performance threshold gives interoperability value and therefore increases the value of the brand

·         Dispersion of implementations costs implementers

o   Exception handling code quickly exceeds implementation code

o   Differences risks functionality apps depend on

·         Dispersion of implementations costs Data Custodians

o   Need to deal with Third Parties with different needs and expectations

o   Unwanted support calls from consumers about difficulties with their apps due to inconsistent implementation


In this regard, we are trying to accelerate the development of a comprehensive testing specification and implementation tools for Green Button Download My Data (File transfer from Data Custodian to Retail Customer) and Green Button Connect My Data (automated data exchange).
Join us at, 415-363-0070 #844-935-738 to assist in progressing the testing and certification effort.


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