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Implementation Reference Projects
This is where the sample implementation reference project for Open Smart Grid will be hosted.  Distinctions will be made between work that is in-flight (beta), versus work that has been ratified by OpenSG for sharing with other Standards development Organizations (SDO), versus work that is based on the ratified IEC 61968 standards.
For an understanding of the process used to generate these artifacts, please review the information at  Please note that the process itself is not a standard, merely a framework that describes a consistent way (best practice) to implement the standard for dissemination with other organizations and useful starting place for vendors or utilities to see an example of how IEC 61968-9 might be used to integrate utility systems.  It is "a" way, not "the" way, but also the way that the OSG community has found to be useful and relevent to further the development of standards that serve the utility community.
These implementation projects make certain assumptions about the needs, capabilities, and architecture that are based on the draft IEC 61968-1-2 that will cover web services implementation.  While other technologies may be used to integrate systems, e.g. ftp, jms, these implemetation projects will focus on a web services-based implementation.

OpenADR Implementation Project
For on-going work under the UCA OpenSG Task Force please see OpenADR .
The service definitions that will be developed for this work will be based on the OpenADR SRS, currently at 0.6 Draft status.
Use Cases
Service Inventory Worksheet
As services to support OpenADR are defined the list will be kept in the OpenADR Service Inventory worksheet.  This is a cross-reference of systems, service consumer, service provider, integrations requirement, and information (CIM or other) object utilized as a message payload.
OpenADE Implementation Project

This work is currently in-flight.  A review is being conducted to indentify integration requirements, perform a gap analysis with current services that were created for Open AMI-ENT, and determine new services requirements.  Whether the new services will use the current SOAP-based approach or adopt a REST-based approach for some or all of the service is TBD.  For context, guiding principles, ans scope, please review the draft OpenADE SRS.
OpenAMI-ENT Implementation Project
OpenAMI-ENT 2.0 Beta  These artifacts are under construction and will reflect IEC TC57 WG14 feedback regarding the 1.0 artifacts and additions derived from new work from the OpenADE effort.

OpenAMI-ENT 1.0 These artifacts were ratified in October, 2009 and were then shared with Working Group 14 (WG14) at the January, 2010 meeting in Zermatt, Switzerland.  Issues resulting from the feedback of that group are located in the Service Definition Team issues list.

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