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SRS Team Discussion

Team Leader: Joe Zhou ( 

Similar scope and coverage as SRS created by Utility AMI WG’s OpenHAN TF.  The AMI-Ent SRS will reference or include the following items: (1) a discussion of the reasons the Utility members of the AMI-Ent will undertake this work; (2) a glossary of terms; (3) Guiding Principles and the System Architecture (this includes an assessment of the IEC61968 Interface Reference Model (IRM) as a means for organizing information exchange requirements among utility business functions); (4) a list system requirements not necessarily covered by business use cases. 

This document would lay the foundation on which independent use cases and services would be defined.  The first step is to assess IEC 61968 standards to determine gaps between the standard and what is needed for AMI-Enterprise scope and then to make recommendations to fill those gaps.   
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