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Advanced Metering Infrastructure Security

 AMI-SEC Task Force Overview

Welcome to AMI-SEC...

This task force is charged with developing security guidelines, recommendations, and best practices for AMI system elements.

The AMI-SEC TF is in the process of producing technical specifications that may be used by utilities to assess and procure security related functionality. In addition to utility use, this specification will be used by the OpenAMI task force as part of the AMI/DR Reference Design specification, and by vendors to produce compliant and compatible security technologies. Ultimately the AMI-SEC body of work will provide additional assurance not previously available within the utility industry.

The task force also provides a focus point for industry discussions on Security as it relates to AMI. We find that the interchange of information and lessons learned between utilities on security related issues is vital to the overall growth of the community.

(Refer to: AMI-SEC Roadmap Document under Reference Material)

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 AMI-SEC Calendar

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