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Service Requests: Error in GB TestPlan: FB_07,08 AccumulcationBehavior should be 4

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Error in GB TestPlan: FB_07,08 AccumulcationBehavior should be 4 


As reported by SDG&E, the test cases D074,D075, and D076 are currently testing for a value of 1 and it should be 4. According to the definitions in the schema: Value of 1: A value from a register which represents the bulk quantity of a commodity. This quantity is computed as the integral of the commodity usage rate. This value is typically used as the basis for the dial reading at the meter, and as a result, will roll over upon reaching a maximum dial value. Note 1: With the metering system, the roll-over behaviour typically implies a roll-under behaviour so that the value presented is always a positive value (e.g. unsigned integer or positive decimal.) However, when communicating data between enterprise applications a negative value might occur in a case such as net metering. Note 2: A BulkQuantity refers primarily to the dial reading and not the consumption over a specific period of time. Value of 4: The difference between the value at the end of the prescribed interval and the beginning of the interval. This is used for incremental interval data. Note: One common application would be for load profile data, another use might be to report the number of events within an interval (such as the number of equipment energizations within the specified period of time.) To correct, change 1 to 4 in three tests.




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