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Org Chart Descriptions: SG Security WG

Organizational Unit

SG Security WG 


The scope of the SG Security WG is to develop detailed security and assurance requirements and security best practice guidance for organizations throughout the lifecycle of smart grid technology.  The primary mission of the SG Security WG is to influence development of a higher level of cyber security and governance tied to mission reliability than is required for traditional IT applications. To support this mission, the SG Security WG will:
• Provide guidance to support a smart grid security program
• Collaborate with other working groups to ensure security is designed into smart grid solutions rather than added onto.
• Maintain technical alignment with other OpenSG Working Groups
• Feed and accelerate SDO and other external work (NIST, IEC, IEEE, etc.) by identifying gaps in current standards and technologies
• Feed and accelerate research efforts by providing guidance and prioritization
• Apply security best practices to operational context
• Adapt traditional IT and traditional control systems security guidance to operational context
• Coordinate with appropriate groups and provide guidance on security testing and conformity
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