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Knoxville Oct '09
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Org Chart Descriptions: AMI-Security TF

Organizational Unit

AMI-Security TF 


AMI-SEC will produce technical specifications, best practices, and guidance that can be used by utilities to assess, procure, and implement security related functionality for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. In addition to utility use, this specification may also be used by the OpenAMI task force as part of their AMI/DR Reference Design specification, and by vendors to produce compliant and compatible security technologies. Specifications will be prescriptive in nature, such that compliant products will have known functionality and robustness. The specific intent of AMI-SEC is to provide the means by which to achieve additional security-related assurances not previously available within the utility industry. AMI-SEC will also work with standards development organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to feed the standards development process where appropriate.
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