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OpenADR SRS 1.0 Ballot

System Requirements Specification for OpenADR

1. Do you support the advancement of OpenADR Systems Requirements Specification 1.0 from "Draft" status to "Approved"?
Must be a UCA member in good standing.
Must have participated in the OpenADR meetings.
(Please contact Albert Chiu or Ed Koch if you have questions about your eligibility).
One vote per organization.

 10 (100%)  

Total: 10

2. Please list issues preventing your endorsement. This can be individual concerns, or references to issues identified elsewhere.

Total: 0

3. Thank you for your feedback! 
Please provide any additional comments below.

 Good work. Need closer understanding and alignment with other interfaces of OpenADR such as Utility/ISO Operator interfaces, which is going to be part of OpenADR conformance activities.

Total: 1