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Service Requests: Proposal for Green Button Security/Privacy Enhancement

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Proposal for Green Button Security/Privacy Enhancement 


Currently, Green Button schema does not accommodate digital signature for integrity protection. Thus, a service provider who works on the Green Button data presented by a electricity customer has no way to verify the authenticity of data (i.e. whether the data is really the data issued by a utility company or not). Lack of such verifiability could limit the range of Green Button data utilization. The reasonable solution for this problem is to embed utility's digital signature into Green Button so that any third party service provider can verify it. On the other hand, at the same time, it is desired for electricity customers to flexibly redact some portion of the Green Button data for the sake of their privacy, without losing the validity of the utility's signature. To address both properties, we propose to integrate redactable digital signature scheme into Green Button. (See the attached paper presented at ACM Smart Energy Grid Security workshop in 2013 for detail.)




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